Friday, October 4, 2013

Introduction -

Friday, October 04, 2013

This is the person behind Femme Fatale, FF, your batman, mystery woman or gossip girl, whatever you may want to call me. My name is Benish Khan pronounced Been-ish. I've been meaning to a create a blog for a quite for a while now and I finally decided to make one! Many friends and followers have requested me to make one so wallah here you have it! x 

This is my personal blog of my aspects of life, opinions, rants, books, Islam, women, makeup, skincare, art, photography, insights on things etc. I love writing and reading so I rather have a place to write it all down. Hopefully I can enlighten some of you with a more open mind. I've been told over and over again that I inspire people, and I could inspire millions of people, I don't really want to be anyone's role model - I'm just myself, hopefully others can relate to me and be inspired to be part of the change that originally started with Femme Fatale .

This is my world of positivism and empowering others. 

Stay in tuned for my next post which is about FF. Take care all :)

"Be like the flower that gives its fragrance to even  the hand that crushes it."
-Imam Ali

With love, Benish Khan.
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  1. Awww I'm so excited to read your blog! I cannot wait x

  2. Yaayyyyy you made a blog .. I agree with everyone else you're a great inspiration to everyone! I've never met someone as kind hearted and a genuine person like yourself! Thank you so much for empowering others

  3. You're beautiful inside and out.. Amazing person doll

  4. Thaankyou so much awe I really do appreciate it! Can't wait to start posting mwahs xox

  5. Role model or not, we still look up to you 😍 great work babe ❤


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