Thursday, March 20, 2014

Product Reviews + Asian Household Rules

Thursday, March 20, 2014

                                                                   Feminist Reflections is a feature I created on my blog to share my personal thoughts.

Quick update
I've been trying on some products from companies in exchange for honest reviews. I wanted to recommend you a few items to try out for yourself that are actually good. 

They have amazing natural products, I'm constantly using it! My favorite would have to be Rose Petal Witch Hazel. Other nice ones consist of  Cucumber Witch Hazel,  Lavender Witch Hazel, and Peaches Witch Hazel!They smell really nice and keep your skin youthful and radiant. I use this after I wash my face and before moisturizing.

 Sometimes, I just leave my face with this alone - it keeps it from becoming too dry or too oily. Combo skin can he a handful sometimes, and this works great for it! Mine was been super-soft lately, it works nice as a refresher - it does minimize pores too! It doesn't have any harsh chemicals and they're natural remedies. This won't break you out, I can guarantee it.

A really nice company as well, they're based in Thailand and have such creative ideas - they literally have created a cream that works with your actual blood type. I received mine is Type O and it has been working very hard on my skin, it helps keep it remain youthful and fresh. This has made my skin really soft as well. This is for anti-aging even though I'm young, this prepares my skin for the future.

A salon/company based in Dallas, TX - I really loved the Cake Eyeliner they had sent me, i have a thing for dark, black eyeliners. The blacker it is, the better it is and their cosmetics have that in them. It's lovely for creating an evening smokey eye look. The customer service is great. They asked me which items I wanted & sent me the exact same ones. The owner is quite beautiful as well.

They have one of the best moisturizers called T-zone Balancing Dry Fluid for combination skin. I finished half of it already! Its really nice for combination skin, and worked just right for mine. It made it really soft and feels quite natural too. This is a bit pricey and it is worth it! You can ask them samples for personal use, and they should be able to get it to you.

For more review updates, check my instagram @Femmmefatale_

Now moving onto my post about Asian Households :) Let's meet mineeeee.
(This isn't actually my family, just who they look familiar to)

Meet my Ammi/Mama/Mom.

Meet my Abbu/Dad

Meet my older Brother/Papaye

Meet my older Sister/Baji

Meet my little brother
(Yes, my little one looks exactly like SRK)

& this is me.
I'm not a baby, just this picture relates to me the most(thinker,dreamer, angry woman)

In every Asian(South Asian) household, traditional or modern. They're are RULES that are considered laws here. My house is traditional and is never going to change BUT I will change it :D (These are the actual rules).


1) Even if you are perfectly capable of handling your life as an adult, your parents still control you.

I'm an adult yet I have a curfew. That's embarrassing. It is 7 p.m in the winter and 9 p.m in the summer lool. I hated this when I was younger! :( Now, I don't really care because my social life is non-existent, I barely get any time because of university, studies, work etc. I understand why my parents did this though to protect me so I wouldn't get corrupted. It's not fair my brothers get to stay out till 4 a.m. Very mean.. I'm giving both my daughter and son curfews! Although, until they turn 18 - they won't have one.

2) You can't move out before marriage.

Goodbye independence .. 

I don't understand why. I can cook, clean, and work for myself. I'm my mama's "Chand ka tukda" and she wants me in front of her at all times. Ehh .. even the moon goes down. You might as well let your daughters move out and get used to their absence otherwise you will be an emotional wreck after they move out when they get married.

3) You have to learn how to cook everything otherwise no one will marry you.

Tell me again, who marries for FOOD? You would marry a good cook? What if if she is an evil mastermind secretly wanting to poison you? Think again. I don't mind cooking for husband. I don't mind cooking for anyone. I'll love doing that but he's gotta help out too. I'll be his wife, not his SERVANT. He can't just expect me to take care of his tummy the whole entire time, he can help himself sometimes too.

4) You cannot marry a non-Kashmiri.

Yes, that's right. Since I'm Kashmiri, from Pakistan - I'm only allowed to marry another Kashmiri and they have to be from certain areas in Kashmir too. Oh, the torture .. I can't marry someone from Jammu Kashmir, it has it be from Azad. That makes NO sense to me. I cannot marry a Pakistani. I'm not really Pakistani since our state is separate from Pakistan - we have our languages, culture, food. president etc. So marrying a man of Turkish descent, Iraqi, Afghan, Kurdish etc is out of the question. I don't really care who I marry as long as the man's human.

5) No haram relationships before marriage.
I'm fine with that, all halal-ness here. Although, it makes no sense to me when my parents say to my brother "Have you found a girl for yourself? Why aren't you married?" Ehh leh .. Helloooo?? You aren't supposed to talk to stranger, but then all the sudden you marry a stranger. Tsk-tsk.

6) You cannot pick your own husband, your parents decide.


Imagine marrying someone you don't love. Hello, arrange marriages and goodbye to love marriages. The women in my family cannot have love marriages, but the men can. Double standards though. Half of all American marriages end up in divorce, most are love marriages too. Arrange marriages tend to last longer as well. I don't really care about that anymore either, I stopped caring about a lot of things as I got older. My parents know better for me, I realized.

7) You are only allowed to become a doctor, lawyer, pharmacist, engineer or teacher. 

Oh the pressures .. This rule was really depressing in my high school years and going off to college. I sooo wanted to become an artist, but of course parents rules have stopped me yet again. Those options of careers are actually so difficult! Like out of the most oldest, maid, and most worked hard for they choose .. I guess I'll be killing myself to make into medical school now but of course, it's my chose to go into medicine. No one can force me. I'm too strong minded. I just learned to compromise and accept reality. Besides, becoming a Psychiatrist has become my dream now.

8) No Kuthey/Billi allowed since you are enough.

The most saddest rule of all ! :( :( :( Being called an animal.

I love cats and dogs and will get them in my house no matter what! Hehe ..

That's all about Asian Household Rules guys, thaankyou for reading!  If you have any rules that aren't listed here, then let me know. I wanna know which ones are yours :) Until my next post loves .. I will try updating 2-3 times a week more often. Leave your blog link in the comments, I love checking out new blogs - Will follow back mostly x

Next post will hopefully be Books everyone should read :)

*Disclosure: These products/PR samples were sent to me free of charge by Manomai, Thayers Natural, and Ren skincare in exchange for honest reviews. 

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” 

With love, Benish Khan.
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  1. Loooooooooooool this was awesome! I can relate

  2. Your blog is so hilarious! You say the right things in such a unique abd funny way

  3. What a fun read! We appreciate the mention and kind words!
    Avasiare Professional Skincare and Cosmetics

    1. Aww anytime, I loved your products. Hope you're well x

  4. I love this!!
    I have to say that I broke rule No.4! ;) x.

    1. Thank you :) lool aww you're kashmiri as well?

  5. I knew a few rules already, but you made me learn something today! You're funny (:

  6. Haha as a fellow Asian this cracked me up. I had to follow you on bloglovin :D

    1. Yaaaaay I followed you as well :)

  7. Hi! Cute site! I use Witch Hazel as well, its a life-saver! Thanks for the follow <3

  8. Aw thanks so much Ruby! For some reason, it's not letting me reply to you. I love the pictures you post though, nps :)

  9. Your blog is sooooo cutee! I love your new layout, so colorful and unique plus you write well too :) you'll go a long way in life! God bless xxx

    1. Aww what a sweet comment xo thank you so much love.

  10. Witch hazel has been amazing for me too. I never tried the rose and the peach ones though.
    Bright and Shiny

    1. The Rose Petal is my favorite one :) You should defo. try it!

  11. Wonderful post...I like your blog.^^
    Maybe follow each other on bloglovin?
    Let me know follow you then back.
    Lovely greets Nessa

    1. Thank you, I just checked yours out. It's amazing! Defo. following :) tc x

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  13. Thayers and Rens are amazing producttsssss!!!! Glad you make a honest reviews unlike people who boost on anything. Can you do reviews on motives cosmetics and organic products as well? thank you! Keep up the good work x

    1. Aww thanks so much, glad you appreciate it! I'll be sure to do reviews on organic products xo best wishes

  14. my mom always said the way to a man's heart is through is stomach and my aunty would say hold his stomach ransom ... guess that's just a way?

  15. Aw, I think that's just a way - in the end people look beyond that and into personality :)

  16. hahaha that was funny :)) great blog, i hope i can use witch hazel too. does it work like coconut oil?

    1. Thank youu :) :) Witch Hazel isn't oil, it works as freshener/toner x It helps brighten skin and minimizes pores. You just leave it on and apply any other makeup or skincare products. Let me know what you think of it once you have tried it!


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