Saturday, December 13, 2014

Book Tour #7 ♥ A League of Her Own by Karen Rock + Winner's Choice of Giveaway!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

A League Of Her Own
Karen Rock

 December 1, 2014
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Publisher: Harlequin Heartwarming (December 1, 2014)

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  • ASIN: B00L0XG5B4
  • Genre: Young Adult, Romance
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SynopsisHe was attractive, talented…and way off limits. Heather Gadway may have been a world-class college pitcher and a top university coach, but she's a rank amateur when it comes to managing the Falcons, her father's struggling minor league team. And when it comes to managing her aggravating attraction to Garrett Wolf, their talented new pitcher. It's going to be difficult enough to make it as the first female manager in the league and prove to her overly critical father she's worthy. No distractions. No missteps. And certainly no romances with players. Everything stands between them—including their troubled pasts—even as Heather's world falls apart and Garrett's the one who's there to catch her…

A League Of Her Own is a sporty novel; it's about a woman name Heather Gadway who takes upon managing the Falcon's team after the coach, and her father's suffers from a heart attack. Who has heard of a woman coach handling an all males baseball team? I hadn't so I was quite excited about the premise.

  • I liked that this novel was more than just romance, even though it falls into that category. This is a true sports story. It's also about alcoholic addiction, family, and trust. I wasn't a huge fan of Heather's father. I felt he never appreciated her hard work simply because she's from the female species. He criticized too much, and never expressed his faith in her. He loved her though, but like come on, Heather's a softball coach, and a former champion of her college twice. You can pretty much admit the girl's hardcore and can pitch no less than a man, she actually beats one so ha! I do wish that Heather had more of a backbone in her, and she should have asked him straight up why he doesn't appreciate her efforts. I was disappointed that issue wasn't resolved in the novel. 
  • I did like the romance between Heather and Garret. I liked the gradual relationship between them and that it look time to developed. A sweet romance develops between Heather and Garrett after a love and hate relationship. I liked  the fact that this book remains clean from profanity and explicit details even though it has it's parts of romance,. It was a cute novel, and I liked that they helped each other build up their trust in themselves and in others.

  •  This was a clean romance free of profanity and without explicit details, and I liked the innocent tone of this novel. Heather's relationship with her father was never really resolved, and the part where it tries to didn't seem to live up to my expectations.  Otherwise, the novel is well written and I enjoyed reading it from beginning to the end. This is the first book by Karen Rock that I have been given the chance to read and I plan to read more of her books in the near future.

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  1. Thank you so much for your wonderful review and for hosting me today! It such an honor. Wishing you Happy Holidays and a great New Year ahead :)

    1. You welcome, I liked reading the book :)

      Happy Holidays!

  2. Great Blogspost:) I follow you! Please, look at my site and follow me back:) <3

  3. Ooh, I like the sound of this novel! I am someone who is all for female characters being in books about sports because you don't see it often! Especially having to manage a male team as well. Sometimes I don't know the sport very well but am surprised by hoe much I can still enjoy the book despite this.

    I love when a romance has more to it than just being a romance as well. The other themes sound interesting :c

    1. I agree, it was something new & different. I quite liked the concept overall though :) It was a good read, although it had it's flaws.

  4. I love reading reviews, and the novel sounds super interesting! I like it when stories aren't just romance

    99 OUTFITS

    1. I agree!! ♥ It's better when books are more meaningful.

  5. Wow! This sounds like a fun sports romance. I like that it was light on the intimate scenes, but you got the jist of what was going on!

    Naomi @ Nomi’s Paranormal Palace

    1. Yes, that's true - It was a good book overall. I liked it ♥


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