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It's pronounced Bee-neesh 
I'm 23 and I'm based in New York City.❤  I set up my blog on October 15 2013. I blog about things I like -  mainly my personal thoughts, books, beauty, lifestyle, movies, shows, and entertainment. I'm also a reviewer for the Luxury Reading blog where you can find some of my posts here.

P.s I don't actually wear eyeglasses, they're sunglasses.

P R // R E V I E W  P O L I C Y
If an individual, publisher, brand, or PR company would like to contact the blogger for review requests of products, paid sponsorship's, book tours(reviews mainly) or hosting giveaways please contact femmmefatalee@gmail.com or submit your request through the contact page here. Come say hi, I'm friendly :) 

R E V I E W  C R I T E R I A 
This blog accepts giveaways (I love doing giveaways so be sure to ask!) & review requests - book requests, along with beauty, makeup, jewelry, fashion, lifestyle, food, health related requests. I don't accept review requests for detox tea, pills, and vitamins.

This blog primarily reviews most book genres:
Literary FictionTeen/Young Adult New Adult Adult Psychological Thrillers Contemporary Romance Historical Fiction Women's literature/Chick Literature True Crime Dystopian Post-Apocalyptic Mystery Science Fiction Paranormal❤ Fantasy Memoirs  Beauty Books

When emailing be sure to include as much information as you can. This can include the title, cover, genre, synopsis, formats available, and amazon or goodreads links if available. Please keep in mind, my blog is aimed for all age ranges. If the book cover is quite explicit in detail, I might not be able to review it.

This blog loves supporting indie authors, although, the review requests I accept for self-published books are limitedI do guest posts and author interviews only if I have actually read your work.  *Please don't sent me a request of the third book in a series I haven't read, unless they're stand alone novels or you can provide the previous books in the series. 

I consider Kindle or PDF format e-books, although,  we much rather prefer paper back/hardcover copies as they're my first priority. The reviews will be posted on Beenazai, Instagram, Good reads, and Amazon. The reviews will always be unbiased, honest, and with some humor. The rating system is below. This blog will always give pros and cons, this blog likes constructive criticism and honesty, however, I would never be brutal.

If you would like to put a set date, please let me know ahead of time so I can accommodate to your requests. This blog publishes the review according to the date I received your product which can take 2 weeks to 1 month.  

D I S C L A I M E R   P O L I C Y 
This policy is valid from October 2013. This is a personal blog solely written and edited by the blogger Benish Khan. This blog accepts forms of product and book reviews. The blogger mainly writes reviews free of charge, although the blogger does accept cash compensation or gift cards in return for a book review, but the reviews will always be honest. The content is rightfully owned by the blogger with exception of the banner image, product images and text marked in quotations. Books are categorized as Review Copy(Print), ARC (Advanced Reader's Copy), DRC (Digital Reader's Copy), and ebook.

If you would like to contact the blogger in regards of a PR/business/advertising/review request inquiry, guest blogger inquiry or you just have a simple/general questions then feel free to email at: femmmefatalee@gmail.com or fill out the contact box below. I usually reply within 24 hours.

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