Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Femme Fatale story.♥

Sunday, October 06, 2013

I frequently get questions on who I am and why I decided to create Femme Fatale. For those wondering, Femmme.fatalee is a Beauty featuring page I made seven months ago on Instagram @femmme.fatale Due to the tremendous love & support by over 10,000 followers, it has gotten HUGE! It increases day by day which I'm forever thankful for, Alhumdulilaah - never expected to have such loyal followers. (These pictures are not mine)

To begin with, I had the idea of creating a featuring page for over years since I was 16. Currently, Im 20. I wanted to start it off with Facebook but never actually made it and the idea faded away but was still in my mind. Then, instagram came out and I saw how clean and neat it was unlike Facebook which is super complicated. The idea of Femme Fatale came into my mind again when I saw other featuring pages especially one highly popular one that featured almost half-naked women with sultry dramatic poses - I was like where's the beauty in that? It's just nudity, any women can be sexy in a bikini and duck faces. It takes a real women to be beautiful fully clothed so wallah there came Femme Fatale! At first, I was confused with what username to chose. I started thinking of BeautiesWorldwide but that sounded tacky and so common. I wanted to think of a creative name that no one had. I started thinking of names for women KillerBeauties which changed to FataleBeauties and I finally settled with Femmme.Fatale ! I still love that username to this day. 

Femme Fatale
by Wikipedia's definition "is a mysterious and seductive woman whose charms ensnare her lovers in bonds of irresistible desire, often leading them into compromising, dangerous, and deadly situations."

For example, these amazingly beautiful women ..

Even though, that's the definition of Femme Fatale, I don't quite agree with it. For me, Femme Fatale is a strong, powerful, and a independent woman. Of course she is beautiful, but not always by her physical beauty. Inner beauty counts the most because what are you really go to do with a girl that's hot but is a brainless idiot? Please don't say kinky things, that's not the answer. For me, Femme Fatale is a woman's movement, where she can be noticed by her physical and inner beauty. For example, Angelina Jolie is a perfect example. She has the four big G'S - She's gorgeous, generous, giving, and genuine. A true woman would not have the signs of corruption in her, she would just be pure hearted.

People always ask me "Why don't you ever put your picture up?" 

I put my picture up once when I revealed who I was but I deleted that afterwards once people knew -  I'm not in this for followers, popularity, or fame.  I'm not a celeb or "insta famous." I just wanna be myself with no attention on me, which was why I was anonymous on the first place. I never would have revealed myself if it weren't so many eager hearts wanting to know I am. I'm probably the only feature/shoutout page that gets called about 128815715217752 vile names, like how can you hate on someone when you didn't even know how they looked once? It's just a page on the internet, relax. People think Im "fake" with my compliments, "two face, attention seeker, desperate to make people love me" but that's not's true - If someone else had such a popular page like mine, they would make others follow them first, shout the page out, and feature their own face at least 10x times a day. 

I'm not like everyone else, I'm ordinary yes but I'm different than most. I could have easily had 10k followers by now by making my personal instagram public, and shouting myself out on FF. People say I have "no life." Actually Femme Fatale takes about an hour or two of my day, which isn't much. I'm not on it 24/7. I study medicine and psychology which is extremely hard - I'm a full time student, my days are full classes - I feature people during my lunchtime. I cook and clean after myself and my family. I go out on weekends 

There are easier ways to fame - just be with a celebrity. 
That can be a bit difficult unless you literally stalk down a celeb and somehow he falls in love with you and marrys you. You can go eat poop or your own tampon like some people do and videotape it. Don't try this though, it's cheap and disgusting. 
Now don't say I'm looking for a classier way to fame. Just remember, attention seekers and fame diggers don't care what way it is to the top -  classy or trashy, they would do it anyway.wouldn't put this much time and effort if I was just wanted popularity and fame. People just need to realize good & selfless people do exist. Not everyone is fake. Most people that hate are just insecure, unless I have personally done you wrong then you're allowed to dislike/hate me, If not,  it makes you look like a vicious creature.
Obviously, my page is something on instagram, no wonder there's like 19298162279352753293 new pages popping left and right that are similiar to mine! *hides*

It is quite flattering and amusing. You can have a beauty page, just be yourself on it :) If you admire me and are "inspired" by me then try to do better than me & not exactly what I do. Although, I do appreciate that people love my page so much that they make their own; it's cute when they give credit.

& Yes, I do realize some people are selfish and are just nice to me because they just want followers and a feature on the page. I notice it every time, I just never say anything. I still feature them, I don't care. That's the person I am. My parents always taught me to give and never expect anything, even if it screws me over, they told me to still be good. 

Look at this way, obviously I'm useful to those who just want followers.  
I'm like their special candle in their dark, sad lives! :D *dances*

I'm not going to put pictures of myself on this blog, if you're wondering. Atleast not face or body pictures. 

I value privacy a lot and I'm not giving that up. 

I rather you like me, follow my femme page, and this blog because of the person I am and not because I'm "hot." Which I'm not so don't assume, I'm pretty average looking, nothing eye candy here. I'm quite happy chappy with the way Allah has created me. I look like a normal human being so I'm satisfied. I'm not insecure, I just think being humble, modest, and pious is what pleases my creator. 

I'm not here to brag that my FF page is popular or I'm just a great person, I just wanted to inform people to look at things from a more open mind. I feature beautiful faces and beautiful personalities, regardless of shape and size. For some reason, when I feature someone, it "makes their day" or night. I guess, people value my opinion and I've been told various times, it matters to a lot of people even strangers message/e-mail me. I get about over 100 tags/emails a a day where people want a feature, I try to feature as many as I can but I can't always get to everyone. A lot of people say I "inspire" them, I'm their "role model." I'm "one of Allah's best creation, " I have a "gift/talent" or they have "never met someone as kind hearted and genuine as me." Some people even go as far to say that I'm an .. "angel" or .. "close to perfection."

That just makes me go WHOA.. really??

Either you're not used to so much kindness or I'm too nice. It's understandable though to why people say such things, it's not common in this era but do realize I'm none of these things, I'm just a human being, I make mistakes. I treat others the way I WANT TO BE TREATED. 

 I realized, by complimenting someone, I can make their day. Empowering others instead of bringing them down is what I aim to do. I wouldn't want to bring anyone down ever, I've never been the kind of woman to hate on other females or men. I get bothered when people back bite about others, especially immature, gossip girls and desi aunties that never shut up. I'm a pretty positive person and I find beauty in just about everything. I believe everyone is beautiful in their own way. Even if they might not be physically beautiful at all, they could have the most beautiful heart ever. When I see a pretty lady, I compliment her. I don't count her blessings against my own, because we ALL have something others might not. She might be prettier than me, but then some other girl out there is thinking the same thing aboutme - that I'm prettier than her. If you can't bring someone's spirit up, then don't ever try to break them down. That's the lowest thing you can ever do especially if its a completely innocent and good person. I'm sure many others would say they rather want happiness over beauty -

If physical beauty is all matters to you, then just realize you're a shallow, ignorant, superficial brainless moron and will die with 9 cats in your forever alone status, just saying :)

Moving on ..

I really do appreciate all the love I have receive. I've gotten numerous amount of amazing messages and compliments that just make me go arghjhhjewjfewfewefaaaahhh! Thank you, I'm truly humbled by them and so flattered *screams and dies!* I actually screenshot all those messages/e-mails and I always look back on them, maybe one day I'll share some of them - As long as people like you exist, there will always be people like me! I could just write essays about every single person who has made me feel better about myself. When it makes your day, it makes my day! I would love to meet some of my followers and thank them personally. Thank you soooo much again loves!

& yes, I tend to write a lot. It only took an hour and a half though? That's what blogging is about hehe. I tried to fit the whole FF thing as much as I could since I won't really be making single posts about it again. I'll mention it here and there though.

Stay in tuned for my next post which is going to be about 
BROWN GUYS! *hayee hayee jawani* 
John Abraham says hello. Take care all :)

"The women who don`t seek attention are usually the women you need to be giving your 
attention to. -

 Will Smith."

With love, Benish Khan.
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  1. Haha awww I love your personality! looooolll great knowing the person who runs behind femme fatale, u have such a great sense of humour, like seriously ooze beauty and love the pictures you put to make people smileeee, you are such a beautiful person both inside out. You find the most amazing things to say about each and every single person cause you truly have a heart of gold! Humility at its best.. You're always putting a smile on peoples face & always seeing the good in others. You're a true angel, agree with all the things that were said about you, your amazing with a beautiful soul. Thank you saying such lovely things about everyone, never worry about the haters, people always hate what they can't achieve :) Love reading your blog! Stay blessed gorgyyy! xxx

    1. Aww thank you so much, such kind words :) I really do appreciate it love! I just try my best, glad it shows to others hehe xo Thankyou again, made my day! Lots of love sweetheart

  2. Looool I love your blog! So funny

  3. Keep up the good work love! I love thei posts, their actually really good and funny! Wish I could write like that

  4. aaaahhh Benish!! This post just shows how genuine and kind hearted you truly are, you really are amazing and have a gift iof writing as well. Always keep this blog updated xo I always look forward to your posts!

    1. Thank you sweetheart, can't wait to write new posts! Mwahz :)

  5. Love it babe!!!

  6. You have a great sense of humor Lool

  7. Aww doll I'd never thought that people would hate on you...but now after reading your blog I like you 10000x times better because you are truly a very inspiring and caring lady. May Allah bless you with a happy future filled with lots of happiness and love! :)♥

  8. Awieee Thaank you soo much for your kind words sweetheart, really made me smile early in the morning :) lots of love & god bless! ❤️❤️


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