Sunday, October 13, 2013

Things I hate about Brown Guys.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

 Feminist Reflections is a feature I created on my blog to share my personal thoughts.

First of, I just wanted to say thank you to all the wonderful people who took the time out to read my lengthy last post & told me positive things they thought about it. I really appreciate it, couldn't wait to write again. Thank you guys! :) A smiley for you! meoW .
Now on with brown guys .. Hayee hayeee :D  I'm including Middle Eastern as well. These traits apply to you too. I don't care if you're not desi, you look brown.

This is what Brown girls imagine their dream guy to be..
Unfortunately, in a lot of scenarios like these, most brown girls and brown guys end up marrying their freshie cousins back home who happen to look nothing close to this. There's nothing wrong in marrying your cousin, but it's rather seem a big deal when it happens. 

I hate when guys that look similar to this, all scary looking, old with kanjhar style.. 

expect and want to marry someone like this..

 when they deserve someone like this.

I remember once  I was sitting in the living room with my parents and this Pakistani show was on called "Shaddi Mubarak" or something. On there was a brown guy who looked like a straight up fresher with his tere naam hairstyle .
(That's not the guy though. )

He wanted a "young" wife that was "not just beautiful but most beautiful.. like the moon" Like seriously why have such high expectations when you look like a hairy gorilla yourself? Sitting there like a cupcake and having such unrealistic expectations.. 

Why would you want a light-skin wife when you're dark as midnight yourself?

Why can't you just seek your equivalent? If you are average, go for average. If you're beautiful, go for beautiful. Even better, go for the person not looks, wealth, or status. I hate when parents give away their beautiful and educated daughters to men who are illiterate and not even the half the person they are. I understand, sometimes the man can be a good human being even if he's not good-looking or educated. It's just not fair for girls that had this happen to them. 

I've seen this happen various times in reality, and none of the people I know are happy.. 

I hate when Brown guys are such creeps.

In Pakistan, they stare at you like they will EAT YOU with masala, chutney, and everything.

They act like they have never seen a girl before. Even if you go out wearing a burka, you're getting to get looked at. 
Would you brown guys like a jug of water?  
Practically everywhere they're creeps. I think it's almost every brown guy's thing, just stare at women. Rarely, a brown guy would keep his gaze down. Most guys won't say anything, probably glance twice, it's okay. We're all humans, but THE SUPER CREEPY ONES won't stop looking especially when they try to say something stupid. These brown guys down the block are always like "Pssssshtt" to me when I walk back.
Like what in the world are you trying to do??? FOOL.

Everytime I go out, I'm like this.

I would really slam my oochi edi in their creepy face.

I just don't want to talk to them. Once you give a response, they go in and HUNT you then. I'm sure some creeps might have the potential to be a nice guy, but they have clearly picked a wrong approach to portray. Most girls want attention, so maybe that's why they do it but stay true to yourself and not be what others want to see. Do realize no means NO. If a girl ignores you or tells you she's not interested, stop doing whatever you're doing and forget her. I'm sure you wouldn't like it if your sisters, cousins, or even your mother got violated like this.. Keep your gaze down brothers, let the woman chase you.

I hate when brown guys act like wannabe gangsters.

Unless you're literally in some dangerous gang, than okay. If you are in fact really scary with guns and everything and know how to *dhisum dhisum* then hooooraaay! You're a gangster, but if you're not..

I extremely dislike baggy jeans. Don't you know that style came from jail out of all places? Every time I see a brown guy, not just brown but EVERY guy in baggy jeans, I want to pull them off and run away with it so they can now walk in their kacha especially if they are wearing tighty whites, that would be hilarious. 

Why do you feel the need to curse in every sentence you speak? There's something called manners. Why must you use the word "Nigger?" I find it so offending how easily it's tossed around like that, even white people say to it their black friends and they laugh it off together. People died because of that one word.. Don't say you're doing this because of swag, that's just ignorant. Trying to be all cool like ice cream, hellooooo kulfi melts?! Your act will be gone too.

"Fo shizzle ma nizzle" Don't even try it.

 Honestly, being a gangster only gets you respect because people fear you not because they actually want to give respect. If you want to be tough, then just have a strong mind and heartClass over swag any day. 

Last but not least, I really hate big egos in brown guys. 

No one likes to be wrong, I get it but be a man and grow up. Stop thinking you're better than everyone else, we're all on the same level. When guys think they're sooo hot & dreamy, it's annoying. Even if you are, please stop. A huge ego is probably the biggest eww in a guy. I hate when guys look at themselves more in the mirror than I do. It's even weirder when they make kissy faces, wink at themselves or even say "I'm so hot."
Are you that CONCEITED?? I think yes..

I hate when guys take two hours to do their hair every single day,  It's okay on a special day. I'm not one of those girls who digs huge mohawks and super stylish hair. I'm strong minded, I don't get impressed that easily by a guy who know's how to dress or how he does his hair. I do my hair in ten minutes. Do yours in five minutes. I hate how prideful brown guys can be and never apologize. There's nothing wrong with being confident, but no one likes arrogance. Superficial things will never get you far in life.. and even if they do to a limit, you'll crash in the end. Humility is best. 

IDIOTS everywhere.

I don't hate brown guys, just certain things I don't like about them in general. I would most likely end up marrying a brown man so don't worry, there's still hope hehe. *hides* My next post is about Brown girls & their even more worse then these guys.. Stay in tuned. 

 Katrina Kaif says hello. Take care all :)

"Being a gentleman isn't a form of courtship, it's a way of life"

With love, Benish Khan.
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  1. Soo glad I found your blog! I love it, keep blogging !!

  2. Lmaooo this is soo true and hilarious! U go girl

  3. I FREAKING LOVE ITTT ! a You're 100% right lool


  5. Haha aww glad you liked it guys 💕

  6. congratulations on writing an amazing blog, I agree with everything that you have mentioned. I do think that girls should respect themselves a lot more. One thing that I've noticed on instagram is that the phrase niggers be like and bitches be like get used a lot. personally I find both words wrong and they shouldn't be used, but it seems people are accepting these word because they get likes. The one thing that upsets me is when I read a girls profile and she describes herself as a bitch. I think that society need to change, sorry for going on and on but I just wanted to share my thoughts with you. I do follow you on instagram imfez87 and I do like your page, take care.

    1. Thank you for your kind words, I'm glad you liked the blog & FF page:) Yes, that's really true - I agree with you. Not many women have respect for themselves which is what I'll talk about in my next "brown girls" post. Hopefully, people can get more enlightened with my blog and choose a better and different approach to portray and think. It'll be better for all of us. Take care as well :)

  7. This is awesome😂😂😂 khanjaar style n punches like those i m DEAD
    You are doing a great job.Keep writing👌

  8. This year I went to Pakistan and was so creeped out by the creepy stares...I felt like their stare would kill me on the spot. Then my mumaani told me not to worry about the fobby men as they stare at everything for example, if a bike was to fall down right this second, they'd all come running to stare at the bike.

    1. Looool yes creepy guys in Pakistan & India are the worst ones, they stare at anything that moves even little children o.O Pedo's.

  9. U are so inspiring Benish! I love your posts, please write a new one soon!

    1. One question without being read, the prophet Muhammed (saw) said we are allowed to marry for wealth, status & beauty. Do you really believe one shouldn't do u no better?

    2. Of course you're allowed to marry someone for wealth, status and beauty - however our Prophet Mohammad(phuh) said to marry someone for their deen the most and you will prosper.

  10. @_@ I know a pakistani who was a teacher, he is a nice guy. well mannered and kind. But yeah I do get what you mean ok?

  11. This post is absolutely awesome!

    Haven't laughed so much in a long time, love your blog and your writing style!

    Laura x
    Laura - Laura's All Made Up ♥

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  13. LOLOLOLOLOL I could not stop laughing at some of the things you said. I'm Indian so I completely get what you're saying other than the cousin part lol. I totally agree about the staring part and the whole gangster thing. It is NOT cool at all! =P Especially when the brown guys aren't even "scary" enough lol.

    Loved this post! xx


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