Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Moxi Brushes + Organic Products | Reviews

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Hello beautiful creatures,
I hope you're all well. I thought I'd update my blog earlier since I'll be busy tomorrow with University & a formal I will be attending, so I won't be able to blog on my daily routine. I'll blog on Friday though & update you guys on the event, reviews, books & etc :) Thank you so much for reading my past posts and the lovely feedback I received xo 

I'll do another review today of the products I've been sent. I always feel so blessed when I receive lovely packages in the mail in exchange for an honest review, I love trying on new products & love it even more when they're good! These products are all amazing. You can find individual posts about these products on my instagram :)    
                                                                    Moxi Brushes*
Thank you to Moxi Brushes for sending me these lovely brushes! I couldn't wait to receive these brushes in the mail - all the way from the UK, I was quite happy.

It was really kind of the owner to still send me her products, even though I live in a different country. I was one of the first to review these overseas in the US :) I received  these two brushes MOXI Flat Top Angle Brush and the Angled Eye Liner Brush.

I was looking for some good brushes and these are amazing! These brushes are a MUST HAVE, I would recommend these for sure. It's so nice when the company takes time to carefully wrap an item just for you, gives off the luxurious feeling. They design individual tubes for each brush, so they would not get damaged - more than satisfied that I received them in one piece! I hate when things break during shipment.  The packing was lovely, I've never been so pleased with brushes before. They have great customer service - I had a long week or two conversation with the owner Michelle - she's very friendly and interactive. The bristles are ultra soft, I was just brushing it against my face again & again. The handles are pretty solid, I do believe they will last a fairly long time. My favorite would have to be the Flat Top Angle Brush!

Actually the best looking brushes I currently own, the rose gold design is beautiful. These work really well for contouring, highlighting, and applying eyeliner. Quality brushes and you can snag them for an affordable price. You can get these from the website moximakeup and you can use my code MOXI10BK to get a 10% off of any items & your whole purchase - it ends April 30th so don't miss out guys! The prices are quite affordable plus you're getting an additional discount. Not to forget, they have free delivery in the UK for a limited time! What more can you ask for ? :)

Thank you to Pratima Skincare for sending me these goodies from their company! I receive a lot of Organic products, they work best for my combo  skin :) Pratima is a spa/company based in New York - my hometown :) Their products are all organic & herbal - natural remedies that won't break you out, they have different products for all skin types - Pure products that are chemicals free, I I would really recommend to invest in some organic products for your skin. These are all products that fit for combination & oily skin. My favorite was the Kapha Herbal Cleanser! It left my skin fresh and soft.

Pratima asked me to take a personalized quiz about skin and hair so I could get the accurate products, I received exactly what I needed! I liked taking the quiz about my concerns, and these products actually benefit my skin.

I really liked the Kapha Herbal Cleanser - this exfoliates your skin to help clean pores and tighten them. it makes my face fresh & radiant. This helps me reduce oiliness on my nose. The toxins can be removed from your skin in the most natural way possible. A lovely product for oily skin! I
 mixed a small amount of cleanser, usually dime-sized  with a few drops of water in my hand to create a liquidy paste. Then, I gently massaged on my face in a circular motion. Afterwards, I washed my face. For excess oil removal, leave the cleanser on until the herbs dry, then gently remove the herbs off.

Kaph Essential Oil helps nourish and minimize pores - even if you have oily or combo skin, I would still recommend using some kind of oil on your skin. Oils really benefit your skin. I have been using this almost every night, and it really makes skin anew, brightens it up as well.

Sandalwood Facial Mask works nice to reduce blemishes - My sister contributes a lot to my reviews, I always test these products on her as well. My sister & I are in love with all of these products - her skin is extremely oily & it works great for her as it does for my confused one! This product happens to work for all skin types. I applied this all over my face and left it on for 15-20 minutes, then I rinsed my face off. 

Cucumber Aqua Gel is like soothing magic! I had an allergic reaction to another company's product which left my skin burning and inflamed & my sister advised me to use this since it's Cucumber with aloe vera combined. This really helped toned the redness and stinginess down. This works great as a moisturizer. My skin at the time was really sensitive, so I was quite hesitant to use any products on it, but this helped cool and hydrate my skin - left it really soft as well. It works great for sunburns. My skin is so soft now.. I cannot stop touching my face now *hides*

Botanical Moisture Cream works really nice and leaves skin hydrated and soft. This product is great for all skin types!You can never go wrong with organic products. These don't have really pleasant smells, nor are they strong. They smell very "earthy" I would say.

Organic products seem to be working great for my skin, another superb company to add to my list! Thank you to Hana Organic Skincare for sending these goodies! Organic products are really beneficial to the skin & these work really well. These are handcrafted to fit your skin that contribuate to freshness and wellbeing of an individual. They don't contain toxins or any chemicals. These products suit all skin types. My favorite product out of all of them would have to be the Gentle Cleanser!

The Gentle Toner works great as a refresher for your skin, helps keep it radiant. I just spray it on 2x a day, and it helps my skin stay refreshed. 

Eye Oil works well by keeping wrinkles away and keeps the skin hydrated. I'm addicted to pure essential oils, this is really smoothing and nourishes your eyes!

The Gentle Cleanser helps clean pores & It leaves your skin moisturized. This is a great alternative to soap if your enjoy using that. It really cleans your skin, and I love that it foams quite well too - a soapy cleanser. 

Lavender Grains is suitabe for all skin types.  This works lovely as a mask, you would need water to create a muddy paste. It has white clay as well as minerals that benefit your skin, it leaves your skin amazingly bright and radiant! Did I mention these products are Gluton-free? Lovely products! 

How cute is this organic lip scrub & lip balm. The packing was adorable with the kisses package!, Thaankyou you to makeupbymer for sending these products!  The owner, Mer is an absolute sweetheart - really kind lady who's quite beautiful as well. 

These products  are made with natural organic ingredients(Organic products are some of my favorite products as you can see.)  The way to apply is by simply: taking a small amount of the scrub and gently massaging it in circular motions for a minutes. You can wash it off after or literally lick it off. Then, use the lip balm onto your lips.

The Lip Scrub is really good for chapped lips & it actually tastes good, mhmm good thing you can eat off the lip scrub - these are handmade & don't contain harsh chemicals in them. These make lips soft and reduces flakyness and dryness. They come in a variety of flavors to try from! Try them for yourself. 

Hope you enjoy these products as I have, thank you for reading!

Stay tuned for my next post ! :)

"It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things."
*Disclosure: These products/PR samples were sent to me free of charge in exchange for an honest review. 

With love, Benish Khan.
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  1. Your reviews are awesome, I love checking out the products! They're different from the usual big brand ones, thank you.

  2. The moxi brushes look sooo beautiful, I just buy them!!

  3. There's nothing like an homers, good review. I love your blog, it's so addicting! It is so cared out too, love how you don't blog about one single thing,

  4. Hi,
    Thanks for your lovely comment on my Blog :) I already followed you via BlogLovin. I really want to try the moxi brushes they look lovely xx

    1. You should try them x iim offering a 10% code off as well x

  5. The Moxi brushes look so pretty !
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