Wednesday, July 29, 2015

High Standards of Literature | Top Ten Must reads in Contemporary New Adult ♥

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

High Standards of Literature is a new feature I created to share my top ten.. sometimes 15 favorite books in each genre.

Sometimes, I'll be doing honorably mentions as well that didn't make the list. Most of these are my all-time favorites and the books that have set the highest standard for me in literature.These are the exceptional books that will stay with me forever. (I'll also do updated lists but that might take a year or so). I have a lot of interesting ideas that go beyond genre later for this meme/feature so be on the look out :) I even got my younger brother hooked on this feature. I'm a very diverse reader, and I read a broad of genres and at least twenty books a month. Today's genre is Contemporary in New Adult. I love the genre NA, but most of the books have failed to impress me because of the stupid angst, stupid characters, and generic plot. These are the gems I have found in stones that keep me searching for more great NA books.

  • Mud Vein by Tarryn Fisher is the most unique New Adult novel I have ever read, the premise is not what it seems at all. It's best to go blind in this novel. Senna Richards, a famous author wakes up locked in a house in the middle of nowhere. Only truth can set her free. This is more of an intense self-discovery novel than romance. The romance was wonderful to read about as well.
  • Unravel by Calia Read is one of the few novels that is actually mind-blowing, it messes with your mind and it's fantastic. This is a new adult novel, but it is rather unique. Naomi is in a psychiatric ward, she is in the hospital and is being treated. No one believes her, yet she believes she is telling the truth. It's best to go blind in this novel, this is one of all-time favorite books. The cover is gorgeous as well. 
  • Bully by Penelope Douglas was the first New Adult novel I had originally and I just fell in love with the characters and writing. Tate and Jared and neighbors who were once best friends, they had a fall out and became enemies. Jared hates Tate and bullies her. This has one of the cutest romance's.
  • Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover is the only New Adult novel that has made me cry about three times. There is no good girl, bad boy romance here - rather it is about two adults. Tate and Miles begin a physical relationship with no attachment, but of course, as always one person begins to fall for the other one. It's an amazing novel that is touching and moving at the same time.
  • The Opportunist (Love me With Lies) by Tarryn Fisher is a series about dark, and twisted characters. Olivia's former boyfriend now has amnesia after a car accident, she befriends in hope that he will love her once again. Now, her character seems twisted but honestly, you can't help but like her. There is still some goodness in her even though she is flawed. I loved the romance and it is based on past and present. It's hard to put this amazing series down! Tarryn is definitely one of my favorite authors.

  • Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover is a wonderful, musical novel. Sydney is a college student who is in love with her boyfriend Hunter, but that changes after she catches her boyfriend cheating on with her best friend Tori. She moves out, and soon runs into her interesting neighbor Ridge which begins an unforgettable love. I usually the author's male leads she creates much more than the heroines, they're so likeable(except Dean). She also uses some concepts that haven't been used in new adult before. There is a love triangle which seems cliche, but it was not that bad. This is still a beautiful novel.
  • Sins & Needles(The Artists) by Karina Halle is my type of series - it reminds me of the Fast & Furious movies. Ellie Watt is a con woman, she steals and runs away. She bumps into Camden McQueen, her old high school friend and the one who always had a crush on her. He was the high school weirdo, now he is a changed man - he's a musician, he has tattoos and he owns his own famous tattoo shop. Ellie decides she will try one more con game, to take Camden's money and run for it, but she is caught and now their roles have been reversed.. This is classified as an adult novel, but some of it takes place in their younger years too. The characters are all so twisted and dark yet they're so fascinating to read about.
  • Maybe Not by Colleen Hoover is a hilarious novella about two roommates Warner and Bridget - their love and hate relationship was so enjoyable to read about. For once, we don't have a bad boy or a good girl characters. We have characters equally bad who are each other's match, Warner is more nicer though.
  • The Edge of Never by J.A Redmerski was the second New Adult novel I had read - it's an amazing novel about a road trip the female leads Camryn takes on. During her trip, she bumps into Andrew. This was an amazing novel that I laughed and cried with. 
  • Addicted To You(Addicted) by Krista & Becca Ritchie is one of the most wonderful and powerful series I have read till date. The characters Lily and Lo are best friends, but they're pretending to be in a relationship for three years because of their families. They conceal each other's flaws, they both have an addiction. Lily is addicted to sex, and Lo is addicted to booze. They have real disorders that are taking over their lives.. and together they decide to help each other. Gone is the angst in this series, gone is the slut-shaming. More books like this please! I wish more people know about this series, it's just sooo good and I love how the characters value friendship, family, and sisterhood. I really like this novel, it's close to five stars but not exactly a favorite. It deserves to be on this list though!

Thank you for reading this! Have an amazing month of July - Leave your blog links in the comments & I'll be sure to check them out & drop by :) Stay in tuned pretty creatures.. 

P.s I'm going on a mini vacation to upstate New York for a few days - I won't be bringing my laptop with me as I want to enjoy my time there. I will update my blog by this upcoming week on August 10.

“Above all, be the heroine of your life, not the victim.” —Nora Ephron


  1. I see quite a lot of Colleen Hoover here! Personally I very rarely read NA because it is just not my kind of genre. I have only two NA books that I really like, and I do find them to be unique gems. But Ugly Love is one I want to try because I know how many people seem to love it. I will let you know what I think once I've tried it.

  2. There are so many on here I really enjoyed : Mud Vein, Bully, Maybe Someday, Ugly Love. I still need to read Maybe Not. I haven't read as much NA lately. I feel like I have been burned by some really subpar books in a row and needed a break. I will definitely check out the other ones on here I haven't read. Love this feature!

  3. I've read six of the books you listed and I couldn't agree more, they were fabulous! I have some of the others in my TBR pile and can't wait to get to them.

  4. I see lots of my favorites in your list, Benish. Ugly Love, Addicted series, Maybe Someday, The Edge of Never. I need to read Unravel and The Opportunist! They sound fantastic and well-loved by the community. :)

  5. Ha! Colleen Hoover is the queen of NA, imo. I'd gladly read all her books. Great feature!

  6. So many of my favorites are on this list as well! I loved Bully, Ugly Love, Maybe Someday, Sins & Needles, and The Edge of Never! I haven't read your other picks, but I have Mud Vein, The Opportunist, and Maybe Not on my Kindle :) Thanks for sharing!

    Lindy@ A Bookish Escape

  7. Oh man! NA is a difficult genre for me. I have read a few of your picks but didn't like them as much but then the ones I do like no one else does lol

    Karen @For What It's Worth

  8. Your picks excite me!!! I've read and LOVE all of them. Well, 2 are still on my tbr, but I'll fix that soon. I never considered Mud Vein or The Opportunist NA, though.

  9. I'm not the biggest fan of new adult as a whole, but I do have copies of Ugly Love and Maybe Someday just waiting around collecting dust. It's nice to see I made a good choice picking them up. maybe one day soon I'll give them a try :)

  10. I havent read a single one of these..I think I need to fix that. I've still been barely toeing the water when it comes to NA though

  11. I've only read Colleen Hoover off this list, and I tried reading Addicted to You but I just couldn't get into it and got stuck at 4%. Maybe I should give it another go. I'm very curious about the rest of the books though, especially Mud Vein! Added them to my TBR! :D Wonderful picks, Benish! :)

  12. Lovely post

    Love Vikee

  13. I see Collen Hoover EVERYWHERE. I really should get around to reading on of her books! I have heard such great things, plus they must be good to be on this list. Great post! ;D

  14. What a great list 1'm going to be checking these out now! Thanks for sharing!


  15. I agree with so many of the books on your list :-) Colleen Hoover is awesome.. I am going to definitely have to check out the books you have listed that I have not yet read.

    Thank you for sharing :-)

    Sharon - Obsession with Books

  16. I haven't read many New Adult books, but I have read almost all of the Addicted series, and I really liked it! I've heard A LOT about Colleen Hoover, but still haven't picked up a book. For some reason, whenever I got to the bookstore intending to buy one, it's ALWAYS a sequel, which I don't want to buy before reading the first book :(

    I think I should branch out into the NA genre a bit more, because sometimes I need something other than YA to tide me over!

    I really like this feature Benish, and can't wait to see others like it :D

  17. I've only read The Edge of Never from your list, and it's one of my favourite NA books ever, as well one of my all time favourites! I remember crying so hard while reading the book, and Camryn and Andrew's romance was so beautiful!
    Thanks for the list of recs, Benish! I am quite intrigued by a few of these books!

  18. This is the post I need because I'm really wary of NA, but want to try some, so I need to know the best of the best.
    Thanks so much!
    Jen @ YA Romantics

  19. I don't read much NA other than Colleen Hoover and Krista & Becca Ritchie, but this is a fantastic list! I have Opportunist on my kindle and I do like dark and twisty, it sounds amazing. Mud Vein sounds a bit creepy! What a fantastic list Benish <3 Maybe Someday is my favourite.

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