Thursday, September 25, 2014

Top Ten All Time Favorite Reads (requested) #1

Thursday, September 25, 2014

A Thousand Splendid Suns: Khaled Hosseini
This is by far my favorite book in the entire world. I love the story of the two Afghan women Mariam and Laila and how they connect to each other. I can read this over and over again, it never fails to amaze me. The way Hosseini writes it is wonderful, I feel as if I'm the characters. This is an amazing viewpoint to look at it from a cultural and religious perspective. It deals with family, love, betrayal, and abuse. It's a real opener to what's happening to a lot of Middle Eastern women today. Please, do keep in mind that any kind of abuse in this novel are cultural practices, these are man made. It's not religious practices. Overall, it provides an amazing insight of the women in Afghanistan, and probably similar to other traditional countries.

Just Listen: Sarah Dessen

A novel by one of my favorite authors, this is the best book of hers too. I wouldn't want to spoil the story. Even though, this is a novel about high school teenagers, it doesn't deal with the usual party hard and get drunk business. It deals with insecurities, peer pressure, family, anorexia and so on. It's a realistic Young Adult novel. The male character Owen is amazing, one of those adorable guys you just want to swoon ever.

Unravel: Calia Read
This book blew my mind away ..  I  wasn't expecting this. I was sitting there for thirty minutes trying to take this all in! I love it when books can do that - when they can completely take you away from your world and into the book itself.  Seriously, I haven't read a book so good in a while. I won't spoil it for you, but I would really recommend this book. It appealed me to because it was psychological thriller/ romance kind of novel - I stayed up hours reading this, refusing to put it down.  I was constantly trying to make theories since this was a suspenseful novel.  

The Coldest Winter Ever: Sister Soulja
Books based on African-American characters are so underrated, this is an amazing book. Winter is a spoiled, rich young girl who is use to getting everything - clearly because her father is this big shot drug lord. Her life takes a drastic turn when she doesn't have the luxuries anymore, I thought she was really dumb, but I loved how blunt she is. I hate mean characters, but she's an amazing one. You can't help but read her story. 

Thirteen Reasons Why: Jay Asher
I really loved this book, this was one book that made me really cry in a while. I cried twice. This makes you feel all kinds of emotions, it was a roller coaster ride for me. I would really recommend this! I picked this up since it was a highly rated popular book, it really opened my eyes. I've always hated people that like to pick on others. Hannah wasn't bullied directly, but indirectly she was. It's a realistic book, that teens and Adults should read. It's about things that occur in high schools, rumors spreading and the horrible affects it has on victims. The end has a life lesson, so please learn from it. When you see someone suffering, help them. Even when they push you away, still help them. They will thank you in the long run. A really inspiring novel! 

Mud Vein: Tarryn Fisher

I picked up the novel expecting some kidnapper, bondage type of stuff because of the synopsis I thought it was going to be another one of those Stockholm Syndrome kind of novels, imagine my surprise when it wasn't! It was amazingly good - it's a thriller with romance. I absolutely loved it, one of the most original stories I have read. It is mainly a novel about a woman's journey and self-discovery.

Crazy Rich Asians: Kevin Kwan

This is one hilarious novel, it made me laugh so many times, but then it made me want to punch some of the characters in the books. It focuses on Asian couples and their lifestyles - this is similar to Middle Eastern & desi lifestyles - whether your parents would approve the man or women you love? Do they have the same status and wealth? It deals with family and life style struggles. Beautiful cover too. !

Vampire Academy: Richelle Mead

I'm a vampire junkie, they amaze me. This is by far my favorites vampire series about guardians and vampires. It's a lot better than the Twilight novels I have read that are stupid. In this series, the half-human and half-vampires(if such thing) protect the rich and upper class vampires. It's about friendship, loyalty, love, family, and protection - Adrian is my favorite character, just to let you know!

The Space Between Us: Thirty Umrigar

I read this novel in high school, it is one of my favorite novels about Indian cultures and their lifestyles. I wouldn't want to spoil the story, but it deals with two women. One upper class and one lower class, and how they interact with each other. It's mainly a novel about class, poverty, and struggle. I would really recommend it!

Memoirs of Geisha: Aurthur Golden

I love reading about other cultures as you can see, this is a beautiful cover! Geisha's are basically prostitutes, but they are more traditional. I didn't want to be judgmental of their lifestyles, so I read this novel with an open mind - and I amazingly loved the main character! I didn't care what her reasons were for, all I wanted to know was what will happen next! I thought she was strong, and very different in a good way. It's a wonderful novel about culture, loyalty, and family.

All of these books can be found on Amazon & Barnes & Nobles! Thank you for reading as well. Leave your blog links in the comments & I'll be sure to check them out & follow :) Stay in tuned beautiful people..  

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  2. Thanks for the good rating! I love to read books about other cultures.

  3. great blog girl! i love this post!

  4. Hi Benish. I love books and the range of lives and worlds we get to visit and know. Great site that you have and great reviews. I will be back

  5. Crazy Rich Asians sounds what I've been looking to read! I'll get this asap! :)

    1. It is amazing! You should check it out :) x

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  7. You have some great choices here! I read A Thousand Splendid Suns and really liked it, but I think my favourite of his books would have to be The Kite Runner. I want to read Vampire Academy, Memoirs of a Geisha and also Thirteen Reasons Why sometime soon!


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